2017 CVWC Tournament Rules



(Revised an Approved January 1, 2017

(Green Highlighted are 2017 Changes)

1. Entry Fee and Prize Payout: The entry fee is $50.00 per angler, if paid one week or more in advance.  The entry fee is $60.00 per angler if not paid in advance. The $10 delta fee goes to the club and will not become part of the prize payout.  $10.00 Dollars of the entry fee will be the angler’s entry into the Big Fish Tournament. All Anglers must pay the $50.00 dollar entry fee. If you are paying the day of the tournament, payment must be by check. Please make checks payable to the Cedar Valley Walleye Club. Prize payouts will generally be made at a date following the tournament. Big Fish Pot will be paid day of tournament. Big Fish Pot will have 2 paid positions, 1st-75% and 2nd-25%. For multiple day tournaments only one Big Fish Pot will be held for the entire tournament. All entered fish must comply with the rules outlined in the CVWC Tournament Rules. In case of a tie(s), money will be split equally between the boats with the biggest fish. In case of no fish weighed at a Big Fish Pot, the money will be rolled over to the next Big Fish Pot. Any disputes will be handled by the CVWC Tournament Board.

1a. Age Requirement: Individuals 16 yrs. and under must have a signed waiver and be accompanied by a legal guardian. Individuals over 16 yrs. must have signed waiver and be accompanied by an adult over 18 yrs (does not have to be a parent or guardian).

 Qualifying Fish: A team format with a combination of up to FIVE walleye, saugeye, and/or sauger 15 inches in length or longer are eligible for entry per boat in the tournament! Lakes regulated by state rules by posting a 14” minimum length will be followed on those lakes.  A maximum total of eight legal walleye, saugeye, and/or sauger will be allowed per boat at one time! Once the Eighth fish is put in the live-well all fishing must stop and team shall return to the weigh in site. Before the teams final run back to the weigh in site, all fish that are not intended to be weighed shall be released. For tournaments held on a body of water with a 3 fish daily limit/angler. Teams will only be allowed to possess their legal daily limit of fish/angler and once the angler’s daily limit is filled all fishing must stop. (Ex. Clear Lake's daily limit is 3 walleyes/angler, thus a team will only be allowed to possess six walleyes). If fishing as an individual, you may possess no more than your legal limit of fish for that body of water (Ex. Mississippi River = 6 fish, Clear Lake = 3 fish)! Tournaments will be a no cull event. All fish above the 5 being weighed will be released prior to arrival at the weigh-In dock. The entered fish must comply with any local DNR regulations applicable to the body of water on which the tournament is held. If any fish weighed do not comply with DNR regulations for the tournament waters the team will be disqualified and will receive no AOY (Angler of the Year) points for that tournament! In the case of "short fish" (fish under the tournament length minimum, but in compliance with DNR regulations) the short fish will not be eligible to weigh and a 2 pound penalty will be subtracted from the teams remaining overall weight Every team's qualifying fish will be weighed. The combined weight of all qualifying fish will be used to determine the order of finish. If scales are unavailable for any reason, qualifying fish will be measured and their estimated weights will be computed via a conversion table selected by the tournament officials. The official measuring device for CVWC tournaments is the “Gator Grip 32" Walleye Fish Measuring Board!” Gator Grip is the manufacturer of The Golden Rule Measuring Boards. In all cases the judgment of tournament officials is conclusive and final.

In the event of a tie, those anglers/teams with the same weight will share equally the points for the tied position as well as an equal share of the prize money, if any, for those combined places of finish. The following point’s position(s) for the next placing angler/team will be skipped according to the numbers of tied anglers/teams.

3. Points Toward Angler of the Year Honors: Points will be awarded as a team event. Both anglers will receive the same points based on the place of finish in the tournament. Tournament anglers will receive their points by actually participating in the take-off of the tournament, regardless of whether they enter a fish.  Points will be complied by taking an anglers best 5 finishes out of the 6 tournaments. All participants will receive a minimum of 100 points less than the last weighed position (I.E. 500,490,480, 470 being the last weighed position, the remaining participates would receive 370 points.) The winner of the tournament will receive 500 points, second place 490 points and so forth. Ranking for the Club's qualifiers for the Cabela's National Team Championship shall be primarily by order of finish in the points standings. However, all members qualifying for the Cabela's National Team Championship must have fished in 3 tournaments and met the Cedar Valley Walleye Clubs requirement of participation in two or more of the clubs projects prior to that year’s last point’s tournament. Anglers fishing with multiple partners or alone and finish in a higher point’s position will be allowed to pick their partner from the qualifying list. Anglers who qualify for the Cabela's National Team Championship will arrange team pairings with all those members who qualify. If an angler declines to participate in the NTC, then the next highest points earner shall succeed to their place in the rankings.  In the event that there are anglers with the same number of points, tie-breakers shall be as follows: 1.Number of tournaments entered. 2. Highest finish in any tournament. 3. Coin Flip. The Club will pay the entry fees up to 5 NTC teams team per year.

In the event no fish are caught in a qualifying tournament a total of 400 Points will be awarded to all participants who fished the tournament. All entry money will be rolled over into the next scheduled tournament.

4. Payback: Eighty percent (80%) of the gross amount of the entry fees, excluding any $10 delta fees collected will be paid back to the field. Payback will be made pursuant to the payback chart, which is available upon request from a tournament official.

If the full payback is not paid for a particular tournament, then any money left over will be awarded as follows: Only one team catches fish: That team will receive a 60% payout and then a drawing for the remaining four places at 10% each will be awarded. If two teams catch fish they will receive the following payouts: 1st Place 50%, 2nd Place 35%, and then a drawing for the remaining three places at 5% each will be awarded. If only three teams catch fish they will receive the following payouts: 1st Place 40%, 2nd Place 30%, 3rd Place 20%, and then a drawing of 5% each will be awarded to the remaining two places. If four teams catch fish the standard payout will take place with a drawing for the remaining 5%!

In the event no fished are caught all entry money will be rolled into the next scheduled tournament. A total of 400 points will be awarded to each participant who fished the tournament.

4a. Scheduled Payout Chart: Cash Payback will be for 1st thru 5th Places. Scheduled Pay Out 1st=35%, 2nd=25%, 3rd=20%, 4th=15%, 5th=5%!

5. Tournament Cancellations: In the event of a tournament being cancelled, rescheduled or relocated before the start date of the tournament, due to weather, flooding, or location problems, anglers will be afforded a refund. It will be the responsibility of the angler to request the refund. All entries not contested will be applied to the entry fee of the upcoming tournament. Requests must be filed not later than 1 week prior to up-coming tournament date. Refunds will be in form of Check or Coupon. Both will be refunded at following monthly meeting. Coupons not redeem by the last tournament will be forfeited to final tournament prize fund.

6. Refund Schedule:

A. Before Tournament – Request must be made 7 days prior to tournament. Coupon Only

B. Tournament Cancellation – Request must be made 7 days before next scheduled tournament. This will be in Check or Coupon form.

C. Emergency Situations – Refunds will be at the discretion of tournament board.

7. Fishing & Boating Laws and Regulations: All contestants must wear a life jacket while the boat is on plane. Failure to wear a life jacket will constitute disqualification of both contestants. All contestants must abide by and comply with all Iowa boating and fishing regulations. For all CVWC tournaments, only 2 baits /angler will be allowed at all times, even if local regulations allow more! Violations of a boating regulation may result in the disqualification of all occupants of the boat. Violation of a fishing regulation may result in disqualification of the angler violating the regulation and any anglers occupying the same boat. Disqualification will result in no fish weighed for that tournament and zero AOY points for that tournament! If any angler or team observes another angler or team breaking any tournament and/or DNR regulations they may notify the Tournament Director. To file protest, the complaining party must notify the Tournament Director before the weigh-in is closed for the tournament day. To request an official ruling of the violation by the Tournament Director, a Complaint Form will be issued and a $100.00 Complaint Fee must be posted with the Tournament Director.  The complaint form must be completed and returned to the Tournament Director prior to leaving the weigh-in site. The tournament board will investigate the issue and if the compliant is ruled legitimate the angler/team in subject will be disqualified and the $100 Complaint Fee will be returned. If the compliant is ruled illegitimate, the $100 Complaint Fee will be forfeited and donated to a worthy cause. All Complaints filed will be investigated and settled as soon and as reasonably possible. No scores or points will be posted until completion of the investigation.

7a. No alcohol or illegal substances will be allowed in the boat during Tournament hours. If alcohol or an illegal substance is found in a boat at the pre take off boat check, that team will be disqualified from the event and they will forfeit their entry fees. 

7b. Disqualifications:

Money winnings that would have been awarded will be donated directly to a worthy cause (Such as D.N.R. project or a kid’s event). The A.O.Y. points will be adjusted accordingly to all those effected.

 8. Fishing from the shore or bank: All anglers must start the tournament from a boat at the designated launch site and participate in the tournament take-off. Fishing from shore or bank will result in disqualification.

9. Members only Tournament: Only club members may participate in the tournament and Club members are not allowed to fish with nonmembers during the tournament.

10. Use of Name and Photograph: All participants in this tournament by their participation therein hereby authorize the Cedar Valley Walleye Club to use both their name and any photographs of the participant for future tournament promotion, public relations and fund raising purposes.

11. Special or Tournament-Specific Rules: There may be special rules for a given tournament or tournament-specific rules. Tournament officials will do their best to communicate any special or tournament-specific rules to all participants. All contestants should inquire regarding the existence of any special or tournament-specific rules and are deemed to know and understand any tournament-specific rules.

12. Live Fish: All fish must be kept in an aerated live-well to keep fish as fresh as possible. The judgment of tournament officials regarding whether a fish is alive and able to swim is final. Tournament officials will look at several factors in making this determination, with the primary criterion being the ability of a fish to maintain itself in an upright position for an extended period of time. If a fish is determined to be dead via the weigh-master, then the angler/team will be assessed a 1 pound penalty per dead fish. If an angler’s/team’s combined bag weight is 0 or less after any dead fish penalty(s) then that angler/team will forfeit any fish caught for the tournament but will still receive the minimum show points for that tournament. All fish determined to be alive will be released. Violations will be at the discretion of the tournament board.

13. Pre-Fishing: Pre-fishing is prohibited after 11:00 p.m. on the day preceding a tournament on the body of water on which the tournament will be held. During multiple day tournaments anglers are not allowed on tournament bodies of water except during tournament hours after the 11:00 pm pre-fishing limit. Any club member pre-fishing after this deadline will be disqualified for the tournament. Pre-fishing must cease at 11:00 p.m., a reasonable time to evacuate the water is allowed. Pre-fishing includes all fishing, operation of electronics, waypoint setting, and other preparatory activities. On the Mississippi river, fishing is allowed on pools other than the pool of the tournament after 11:00 p.m. on the day preceding the tournament.

14. Mississippi River Tournaments: Fishing is only allowed on the pool where the tournament starts from. There is no locking through to other pools on the river. The Mississippi River Pool is defined by CVWC as follows: Lock to Lock and Railroad Track to Railroad Track.                          

15. Ethical and Courteous Behavior:

 There is no minimum separation distance between boats nor is there any particular code of conduct. However, anglers are strongly encouraged to be courteous to all other anglers fishing the tournament and other anglers not fishing in the tournament. While pre-fishing and especially during a CVWC tournaments, you are representing the Cedar Valley Walleye Club, and you need to set a good example of ethical and courteous fishing behaviors! What constitutes crowding of other boats is different immediately below a dam than it is on a wing dam. Irritated anglers are encouraged to politely express themselves at the time of the discourteous or unethical behavior. A contemporaneous expression of irritation along with the response thereto, will be considered by the tournament officials when evaluating a report of unethical or discourteous conduct. Actions which cross the line between good ethical fishing and competitive practices may result in an angler being disqualified from the tournament in which the actions occurred and possibly disqualification from participation in future tournaments.

16. Check-In Time: Anglers are required to check in by 6:30 a.m. the morning of the tournament. Failure to check in will result in disqualification. All boats must be checked in with the tournament director or check-in boat by 3:00 p.m. A team that arrives up to five minutes late to check-in will be docked half the weight of their fish. Teams arriving later than five minutes will receive no weight for the tournament. Weigh-in will begin as soon as practical thereafter. Check-in with the tournament director means making the tournament director aware of your presence at the launch site or being in close physical proximity so that your actions can be easily observed or otherwise being acknowledged by and in communication with the tournament director. A Team is officially checked-in when they receive their start number from the tournament director and have their boat / live well inspected. The tournament director may excuse those who are tardy to the starting check in, upon good cause shown. Criteria for an excused tardiness shall include: advance notice of a late arrival, the circumstances which result in a late arrival and the fairness of granting an excused tardiness.

17. Boat Numbers: Boat numbers will be used to arrange the order of take-off. Boat number one will be first to take-off and progress in numerical order from there. Contestants who pre-pay for all five points tournaments will get a yearlong boat number that stays with the boat. The lowest boat numbers will be awarded to the people that have prepaid all five tournaments. You must pre-pay for all five or more points tournaments by the March monthly meeting in order to receive the yearlong boat number. All members who pre-pay for at least five tournaments by the March meeting will be put in a random drawing to get their yearlong boat number. All other contestants will receive their boat number in order of paid entry!

All Boat Numbers will be turned in to the Tournament Director at weigh-In each tournament.

18. Tournament Start: Boats need to be ready for take-off FIVE minutes before the designated start time! Boats will line up in numerical order behind the lead boat with instruction from the tournament director, via VHF radio US Channel #69. When all boats are in a single file line behind the lead boat, the tournament director will signal the lead boat to go, via VHF radio! Once the boat in front of you is on plane that is your signal to go! The boat in front of you must be on plane and not just accelerating, for you to proceed! If the boat in front of you is next to go and not on plane within a reasonable amount of time, roughly 10 seconds, you are okay to pass and proceed in the take-off.

18 a. Two Day Tournaments: On Two day tournaments start times will rotate.

19. Break Downs: If a break down occurs on the water where the boat in question does not have the propulsion to make it back to the landing safely, and the anglers involved would like to weigh their fish they must:

(1). Contact the designated tournament director before getting the boat towed or transporting fish in another boat.

(2). The team may seek assistance from another team to tow their boat. This may be by Phone, Radio, and Text Message. 

(3). If another tournament boat is not available, the team may seek assistance from the next nearest boat.

(4). If the boat cannot be towed, one angler may transport the team’s fish in another team’s boat. The fish must be clearly marked.

(5). One angler must stay with the broke down boat, unless the situation is too dangerous (sunken boat, angler is injured, etc…).

(6). Teams involved in a break down, towing a boat, or transporting fish still adhere to the late check in penalties as every other angler in the event, stated in Rule 16.

20. Decisions of Tournament Officials: The decisions of tournament officials are final and binding upon all participants.