Wild Bunch Up Norte Trip

The Iowa Wild Bunch Annual Trip to the Norte Country

Well here it is 2013 and the Iowa Wild Blunch is heading Norte again. This year it looks like Old Fisheye and Walleye Carl will be here for the full week.

I only hope I can live thru the week fishing and writing stories about Old Walleye. We have 14 membesr of the CVWC on this years trip, so I am sure I will find a few others take notes on.

Old Santa has always been a good story maker, along with Old WingDing. I have a couple of new prospects I have been taking notes on and that would be Randy H and his partner Pat Sullivan. Wow I even heard that John S. was on the list to go. He will no doubt be a good candidnate for a story or two.

And don't forget theres a rumor that Tony the Tiger & that J. Shilling will be on the water. Bob Stewart & Bill Behrens have been touring the lake, (On a Map at home) That Bob has to be the best tour guide on LOW.

Well I'm taking the old computer with so I will try and write a short story each day to keep you all informed who messed up for the day.

So until Sun night I can only say to stay tuned.  Old Fisheye Here,