Wild Bunch Day 6


The Iowa Wild Bunch Annual Trip to the Norte Country

Wow, Here we are at the end of the trip. Lots of good stories but alot of unprintable tales. I have been threaten serveral times.

However I'm sure this will only hold me back until I return to my protected area of Cedar Falls & Waterloo.

Well, it rained most of the night anditlooks a little wet outside this morning and winding. Walleye Carl is out getting the boat ready,

Tony & Jerry are still getting our of bed, They sure sleep alot. Jim D. and Santa, I see are getting bait ready and the rest of the clan are NOT MOVING VERY FAST TODAY. YOU SEE THAT THE WIND GOT THEM YESTERDAY.

Well something got to them, I seen some in the lounge area of the lodge a little longer than usual.

Well I better get going talk to you this evening with the stories & results of the day.

 Well here I am writing the last page of the the trip. It's over Jimmy Dengler was theBig fish Of the Week with a 28.5 incher,

Tony was the Big Winner for the Daily Big Fish Tournament and John Sampson won the High Hand in the Poker Tournament with Jerry Shilling won the Low Hand.

No Accidents, all fun and Games.

Check with Walt for Next Years Big Trip to the Norte Country.

Old Fisheye Checking out for the week.

You Might want to check the Pictures next week after I get time to point out who and what was being done.......