Wild Bunch Day 4&5

The Iowa Wild Bunch Annual Trip to the Norte Country


Well it's day  today and we all had a great day of fishing. Sorry about not uncovering day 3 until tonight as I forgot to make it visible

Well today started out a little windy but the day turned out great.

Not as nice as fish today but we did catch a few.


Todays results were as follows

1 st Place Tony Jochcumsen with a 24.75 incher

2nd Place was Walter Ertz with a 23 and 15/16 incher.  He was really jumping up and down on the fish.

3rd Place was Walleye Carl with a 23.0 incher.    Hey did I mention that I netted it.

Overall things were great and Im stillworking on some pictures.

Did I mention Bob Stewart got a Merit Award from the Coast Guard for have the most perfect boat.

He claimed it was because he told them he knew Carl Teske & Terry Blank from the WPD.......

Jimmy Dengler was seen looking for vasioline for his net. Teske went thru the No Wake Zone at 30 MPH aain.I'm getting agroup of tickets for him.

Did you guys know he could drive the boat at 32MPH, eat a candy bar, hit all the waves in the lake at the same time. He did come back and picked me up after 10minutes or so.


Hey Old Fisheye Reporting nothing but the Facts.




Well it was Big Wind Day 3,4, and Let's throw in a 5 footer for good measure. Not many fish today as we all came in earlier.

MTT has a tournament this weekend and they were coming in early also.

Well Walleye Carl drowned me serveral times today, when I got to the cabin I was wetter than I was when I got out of the shower this morning. Seems the waves don't hit his side of the boat very much. Kinda like Bass Fishing in the back of the boat, you never get the good spots to fish.

Pat Sullivan lost his hat once or twice, seems the tour guide Big Bob spent more time turning around and looking for hats than fishing today. Rumor has it Randy H. lost his all so. He reportly was amazed how Bob cold slam on the brakes and turn around and still recover the hats with so much speed and detail.

Lets face it, if you had two guys losing their hats so often, you would be good also. Rumor has it some sort of Hat STAYER ON'ER IS BEING DEVELOPED........

Well I guess it time for the results.

1st Place today was   Randy (Lose Your Hat) Heiberger,  weighed in a 25.0 incher.

2nd Place   24.5 incher went to Ron Bormaster.

3rd Place Darrell Kinkade with a 24 an 1/8th incher.

Jimmy Dengler reported he seen Santa jumping up and down on the poor walleye to get the 1/8th, and you know he's as truthful as Old Fisheye.

Well, Get ready were on the count down to the Big Fish of the Week and tomorrow is our last day of fishing.

Looks like another day of Big Wind.