Wild Bunch Day 3

The Iowa Wild Bunch Annual Trip to the Norte Country

Wow, What a day, no rain, no wind, no waves, lots of fish and lots of good stories.

Speaking of stories did I mention how Darrel K. was heard yelling at Jimmy D to get the net he had a Really Big Fish on.

Story was  Darrel had hooked Walleye Carl's Bright Orange Maker that he had dropped off on a rock pile. Seems Darrell was yelling to Jimmy to get the net. Jimmy grabs the net, did I mention it was the one with the vasiline on the slide. right away with all the excitiment,

the net came apart and Darrell was yelling to hurry up and put it back together and net this big fish. I guess you can figure out what the results were as now you are reading is first hand from the Fisheye News Guy. I even have pictures.

Well as you know we have a daily fish tournament and I just happen to have the results.

Day 3 Tournament results

1st Place was Jimmy Dengler      28.5 incher.

2nd Place was Pat Sullivan          26 incher.

3rd Place was Walter Ertz           25.75 incher.

There was a total of 30 fish checked in for the tournament,

Did I mention Old Fisheye caught a 2 24 inchers, 2 19 inchers and 1 18 incher.

I might quit fishing, which Walleye Carls thought was a good idea.


Stay Tuned for tomorrow. I will be posting pictures again.

Old Fisheye Reporting the Facts