Wild Bunch Day 1&2

The Iowa Wild Bunch Annual Trip to the Norte Country



Well we all made to the Norte Country in one piece. No break downs, no accidents, just a great start to a week of good fishing.
Well the Sunday started out with a great breakfast of French toast and all the other good things to keep you healthy.
Weather was rainy, cold, windy, and blowing harder than the last time we were here.
Well we started the day of fishing with the bad news that one of our old time fishing buddies had past away on Saturday night. Jim Allen had been a member of the club for about 8 or 9 years. He will greatly missed by all. I will try and have more on this at a later date.
Well after getting blown around all day on Sunday we all made it to the scoreing table.
And we have a few fish to weigh in. We had 18 fish that made the score board.
Winner of the Big Fish Daily Tournament are as follows.
Darrell Kinkade       24.5 Walleye     1st Place
Tony Jochumsen      24.0 Walleye     2nd Place
Darrell Kinkade       23.75 Walleye   3 rd Place.
Looks like Big Big wind for Monday but as I look out the door it’s bright and sunny and the canal to the lake is like glass………that will be the last smooth water I think I will see for today.
I hope to have something to write about tonight.
Old Fisheye reporting from up Norte.


Wow another slow slow day. Nice sunny day and Big Wind.   2 to 3 footers most of the day.

I wouldn't want to tell any tall stories but I did hear Darrell talking to Tony about how slippery  the net handle was when trying to net Jimmy D fish. Story came out something like Jimmy greased up the net handle with vasoline,,,,,,,,Well you know where that went for the rest of the day. So be sure to don't ask Jimmy to fix your net.

And I did see Bob Stewart touring the lake with his partners Pat & Randy today. Randy was proud of his 20 incher that the tour guide provided for the day...

Wow we have another new guide on the trip this year, John Sampson, who provided his partner with a 26.5, 26.0, 20.0, and an 18 incher for a great day of fishing.

Today's Results

1st Place Tony Jochcumsen     27.75 incher

2nd Place Ron Bormaster        26.5 incher

3rd Place Ron bormaster         26 incher

Congrats to all and we are all hopeing for a better day tomorrow

Stay tuned for tomorrows results.

Old Fisheye Reporting the Facts.