Wild Bunch Trip Day 1 & 2


Yep it's true were all here in the Ken-Mar-Kee Hide-Out.

The Big Trip to the Norte Country We met up with everyone at the Kwik Trip at 0500 hrs and pulled out and headed up the East Trail, as planned the Big Casino Shillings gang fell in as the rear guard.

The Big Trip to the Norte Country Well everyone showed up on schedule except the BBBBG. (Bobs Big Black Boat Gang)

Seems on their trail which was the NW Trail, a Big Reindeer jump out of the ditch and ran into the Side of Big Bobs Black Truck, then bounced around and tried to wreck the steps on the front of the trailer. That took a short time to the get things in order and back on the road. I think the Raisin Cream Pie stop took the longest and don’t forget the shopping spree at Reeds in Walker. They just made in for the opening ceremonies.

Walleye Carl and I slept for most of the trip on the way up, so we missed out on most of the excitement. Of course I didn’t get to sleep much as I was doing the driving

Well we started out on a tour of southern Mn. With Wingding & Tony doing the leading through a detour. Did you guys know there was a Simpson MN, Pop. 15, Prairie (something) Pop. 5, The Eldora Walleye Killers stopped us and wanted to if this was the Lewis & Clark expedition.

When we all got here we ended up with 22 bodies. Light weight 4 piece chicken dinner was on schedule. A few after drinks and we were off to bed.

Day2 Big Fishing Day

Well Big Fish of the day was 27.50 by Butch (Cassidy) Davis.

2nd Place was 25.50 Ed (Doc Holiday) Clasuman.

3rd Place was Rich Harris with a 23 7/8.

Top Dice Roller was Ed Doc Holiday Clausman with 25 points.

Did hear of a story of one fisherman stating a beaver grabbed his line and wrapped it around the motor.

But Larry Shilling said it wasn't his. Jerry said something else.

Did hear that Big Bob stopped by a local bar close to the lake to celebrate his catching a 23 3/4 walleye.

It was also reported they drove 42 miles and never left the lake.

It was also reported that a local Chevy Dealer trader a New Car for a fishing net this morning.

And another healthy supper of Steak,shrinp,Fries, and of course a suger free Strawberry/Rubarb pie with suger free Ice Cream.

Pictures will be posted as we get them developed

Old Fisheye Reporting Just the Facts.