Wild Bunch Trip --Day 3


Well it was a Blue Bird Day, Sunny, 75 degrees,5-10 Wind.

Holy cow not only do we have Fisheye dressing in wild colors, but we now have a Red Shirt Team.

Wingdings Gang  and the Shillings Team showed up in matching Red Shirts.

It was reported that Wingding was winning with the Big Fish of the day, but by late afternoon things changed.

Holy Buckets Tony turned in a 26.5” and beat out his partner Wingdings who has caught a  26.0”.

Santa was seen netting all the fish so he didn’t get a chance to fish. At least that’s what he told everyone.

And the BBBBG (Big Bobs Black Boat Gang) turned in a 25.35” for 3rd Place.

Walleye Carl got beat out today by “Old Fisheye” who turned in a 24.25”,22” and two keepers.

Fisheye had 1st fish, Most Fish, and Big Fish. Looks  like he will be looking for a new boat ride in the morning.

This was the 2nd day he beat up Old Walleye Carl.

WingDing  was the Big Dice Roller of the day with a 23.

Diet Pizza was the evening meal, Looks like we will be eating Pizza for lunch tomorrow.

Well that kinda wraps up the day for The Iowa Wild Bunch on Day 3 of the Wild Bunch Saga.

Old Fisheye Reporting the Facts.