Wild Bunch Trip -- Day 4

Day 4 of the Great Wild Bunch Saga


Well it was a short day as the wind blew 15-20 mph, and  it rained, and it rained.

All the fishing was done in the short canal leading to the lake.

By noon it was lunch time and most everyone vacanted to the cabins and the casino.

At supper all reappeared and scores were posted as follows.

Tony once again had the Big Fish of the Day---27.0"

Joe "Sundance Kid" Webber turned in a 25.0"

Bob Fuller (Eldora Walleye Killer) turned in a 24.0"

Big Dice Roller of the Day was Rich Harris

Well thats about all the news I was able to find for the day.

Did I mention the Red Shirt Team showed up again only in Green Shirts.

Holy Cow I just seen Old Fisheye dressed like Big Bird. Watch for the pictures coming soon.

Old Fisheye Reporting the Facts until tomorrow.