Wild Bunch Day --5


Wow What a day No Sun, No Rain, just a windy day.

Eldora Walleye Killers were of the water today with a water pump problem, Great for us as we didn't have to fish as hard.

Shilling Bunch were seen landing 5 keepers on the 1st pass thru the canal and 9 more on the way back.

rumor has it they were  using Dynomite.

Sundance & Butch were seen on the west coast of LOW trolling along with Old Fisheye and Walleye Carl.

Old Walleye Carl caught a 27" on the first cast. I guess he did take lessons from Old Fisheye those 1st two days.

Well Big Fish today went to Ron Bormaster with a 27.50", Nice fish.

2nd Place went to Walleye Carl with his 27.0"

3rd Place was John Sampson who had a 26.75, another nice fish.

Holy cow the Top dice Rollers were Bruce Ross & Bob Stewart, both with 24 Points.

Supper was Cajan Walleye and Original Walleye. Naturally they were baked for us healthy minded fishermen.

Tommorrow will bring a full house of fishermen on the lake, everyone is up and fishing.

Pictures are posted and true captions by Old Fisheye.