Results of Lake MacBride

Lake MacBride Tournament Results

Reported by The Eagle

Well it was a  great day at  Lake MacBride, The fishing wasn’t the best, but we had a great turn out of fisherman. We had a new winner this month as the fish gods turned against last year’s Anglers of the year, Tom Schmitt and Mark Halverson.

New members, Jim Hayes and Ross Metz came to the scales with a four fish bag that weigh in at 8.06pounds. Our Mike Everding & Darwin Heltibridle teamed up and turned in a three fish bag of 7.40 pounds for 2nd place. 3rd Place went to Sam Holm & Gerald Barnes with 2 fish that weigh-in at 4.02 pounds. And 4th Place was Taylor & Conner Steffens with a 2 fish bag that weigh-in at 3.46. And last but not least 5th Place was the Team of Terry & Bruce Sparks with 2 fish that weigh-in at 2.90 pounds.

Talked with Mark Halverson and was advised it was a tuff bite all day. A lot of short fish were caught but it was tuff getting the big ones to jump on the hook. I fished by Wingding & Tony and they two said it was tuff to get a decent fish to grab the hook. Looked like most were using minnows and a few secret lures seen being hidden by all the fisherman. Team Dietz were also having trouble getting the big ones to nibble on the hook. They were seen trolling, jigging and setting dynamite charges. Greg was looking forward  to Sunday’s trip to Storm Lake tournament of Wind & Rain……Wow I wish I was going.

Did I mention that I seen “Old Fisheye” out there touring around the lake in his new pontoon. Boy what a show off……He took up three fishing spots. He was seen doing a battery jump start on the Everding & Heltibridle boat out on the lake. I bet that’s going to cost someone.

Well next month’s tournament will be at Bellevue Pool 13 so I hope to see you all there.

Thanks for a few good stories.

The Eagle