Clear Lake 2013


Wow, another wild day on the Clear Lake, also now known as the lake that froze out last winter. Well out of 24 teams fishing the tournament this past weekend we only had 20 fish at weigh-in. Our Top Leading team of Mark Halverson and Tom Schmitt manage to drag out of the Ventura Bay area, 3 fish weighing 4.76 #s

Team Stewart & Clausman were seen dragging the Eastside of the lake with no results. Team Schneck, Team Hesley, Team Bonwell, Team Borwig, Team Dengler & Jochcumsen, Team Sampson & Bormaster, Team Johnson & Crouse, and Old fisheye all bombed out with no fish.

They were all seen trolling spinners, nightcrawlers ,cranks, anchors and whatever else they might be able to catch one of those fish that was reportly seen lurking in the waters sometime this last year called a WALLEYE.

However Team Sparks (Terry & Bruce) manage to find a group of 3 lurking somewhere that weighin at 4.34#s for 3rd Place. Team Gilbert & Mad Dog Messersmith also found 4 fish that weighin at 4.48#s for 2nd Place. And after a long day Team Holms & Kohlmann wrangled 3 fish for a weighin of 3.78#s for 4th Place. They had another fish that was a 16th of an inch short. Dang It or something like that came from Big Sam........

Team Ertz & Van Whats his name also zero out, but really had fun. Teams, Merron,Deitz,Kirk,Law &Albright, Team Miller & Wrage all had one fish at the weighin. They ranged from 1.8 to 1.30 #s.

Opps I almost forgot Team Ruehle & Odor who had 2 fish weighiing 3.20 for 5th Place.

And the Big fish Pot was 2.22#s for $390.00

Not a real good fishing tournament but nice weather and  GREAT BUNCH OF FISHERMAN having fun.

Thanks for a Great Turnout, "Old Fisheye"  and after some 3 hours of searching I have finally got the pictures posted.

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Clear Lake 2013

Clear Lake 2013