Projects & Activites

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Projects & Activites

Fishery Stocking Efforts 
The Club's initial walleye stocking, during the fall of 2003, was done with the aid of a grant from Wildlife Forever. Approximately 1500 fingerling walleyes were stocked in Brinker Lake f/k/a East Lake. Since that initial stocking, the Club annually continues to purchase and stock approximately 1000, 4-10 inch walleyes in local lakes. In 2009 through a generous donation by a club member the Club stocked 200, 5-10 inch walleyes in Grundy Lake at Dike. The Club continues annual stocking efforts in the Grundy County Lake. Several of the stocked fish, except those stocked in the Grundy County Lake, bear a freeze brand. The brand is permanent and will allow the Iowa DNR to identify the fish stocked by the Club from those stocked by the DNR.

Assist DNR & U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
The Club has assisted the Iowa DNR in building and placing fish habitat into local area lakes. Club volunteers helped install concrete slabs and bench rest areas at George Wyth State Park. The Club provides staffing and promotional assistance to the DNR at the annual trout stocking at North Prairie Lake in Cedar Falls. The Club not only contributed funds towards the construction costs of a floating structure used by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to raise native mussels, members volunteered time to set and retrieve the structures and assisted the Fish and Wildlife Service in the gathering of mussel data from these structures.

Outdoor Journery for Girls: ( a DNR Program) is an outdoor experience for teenage girls to learn about and explore the outdoors. Girls are attend camp for several days where they will learn to shoot a rifle, bow and arrow, catch and clean fish, boat and discover the outdoors. The Club annually sponsors up to four girls to attend this camp as well as volunteering time to teach the girls how to clean fish.

Free Fishing Day:  Club volunteers help the Local DNR at George Wyth State Park during the statewide “free fishing day” by donating fishing poles, and teaching children and adults to fish. Club members dontate fish for the DNR to cook and serve during the fishing event as a “free tasting” so people discover what a good taste properly cooked fish has.

In 2010 The Club was presented with the “Governors  Volunteer Award” for outstanding service to the State and Cedar Valley Area, for their assistance to the DNR.

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